MEGA Aktobe shopping mall is located in the popular recreation district of Abai Central Park. It is the largest mall in Aktobe with a total area of 45,000 sq m. MEGA Aktobe is larger than the MEGA malls in Astana and Shymkent. The contemporary, original design of the building blends nicely with the beautiful park landscapes and serves as a nexus between the Old and New downtown.

The mall has everything for family fun: a Kinopark seven-screen multiplex 3D theatre, MEGA Ice arena, a Babylon children's amusement park (the top children's entertainment facility in the CIS) for various age groups, a 360-seat food court (including MrBurger&Pizza, Musetti, LFC, Taksim, Kemer joints, and a Black&Brown coffeeshop), a Tekhnodom chain electronics store, a Greenmart chain supermarket (more than 30,000 items) and a parking lot for 725 cars. 75 stores based in MEGA Aktobe sell popular international and Russian brands, including Adidas, OGGI, Springfield, Reebok, Naf-Naf, s.Oliver, Sela, InCity, Swiss Time, Beautymania, Intertop, Gorodok, and Kira Plastinina.

The MEGA Aktobe project was supported by head of the Aktobe oblast Yeleusin Sagindikov and the administration of Aktobe. They created a favourable investment climate and helped develop the infrastructure near MEGA Aktobe.
We saw that Nurlan Smagulov, the President of Astana Group, is a man of his word: a new mall similar to those in Astana, Almaty and Shymkent appeared in our city. This type of facilities are crucial for a dynamic, contemporary city like Aktobe, said Yeleusin Sagindikov.

Nurlan Smagulov says this project incorporated the best elements of the existing MEGA malls: Visually, MEGA Aktobe looks bigger than the MEGA mall in Almaty. It will definitely be popular not only with the residents of Aktobe, but also among guests from the adjacent Aktobe, Mangistau, Atyrau oblasts and even some parts of Russia. MEGA Aktobe is not just a business project, but also has a huge social impact. More than 1,000 jobs will be created in the new mall, and the budget proceeds will stand at 200m tenge per year.

Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan co-funded the construction of the MEGA Aktobe mall. The total investment was US$70m. In 2006, the MEGA Alma-Ata mall construction was also co-funded by that bank.

Aktobe is the fourth city in Kazakhstan to have a MEGA mall. So far, this mall chain is present in the capital city of Astana, Almaty (the financial centre of Kazakhstan) and Shymkent, the largest city in Southern Kazakhstan. MEGA malls have become a beautiful addition to the urban landscape. You can often see wedding corteges stopping near the malls, children's festivals taking place and people from other parts of Kazakhstan visiting them for shopping and entertainment. On an average, every MEGA mall is visited by up to 30,000 people per day. This figure doubles during weekends.

All MEGA projects were developed by Design Architectural, a French company, which has a 30-year experience of designing shopping malls around the world.

Astana Group, a domestic investor managing companies that operate in various spheres, carried out the construction and development of the MEGA chain.
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