The Ankauov brothers, the artists from Kostanay region, have received the keys to the flats from Nurlan Smagulov, a famous art patron in Kazakhstan. The brothers have become famous worldwide thanks to their creative works — paintings from sheep wool, as alau. kz reports

The Ankauov brothers have received the gift certificates for two flats. The Prime Minister has handed over the keys to them, and Nurlan Smagulov has made a gift of real property. The Ankauov brothers treat this gift as recognition of their creative work, which they pursue despite their inborn disease.

«It is a great pleasure for our company to make gifts to the Ankauov family today. It is a very talented family. I highly appreciate their art and above all their desire to live a full healthy and creative life. They create for people. They have a lot of skills in the art at the international level. It is amazing,” said Nurlan Smagulov.

The brothers' works are the paintings made of sheep wool. They are well known in many countries of the world. The brothers have represented Kazakhstan with their paintings at the exhibition in the United Arab Emirates. The brothers are invited both to Bashkortostan and London. It is not just their talent. It is also a unique way of creating paintings. The brothers have not been aware of it for a long time, but one of them has managed to reveal it.

«There is no such technique around the world. When we understood this fact, we decided to apply for Kazpatent, the Intellectual Property Committee. It turned out that no one had patented this technology in the world. There are similar techniques in China and in Russia. But they differ from our technique, ” said Baglan Ankauov.

In honor of the 140th anniversary of Kostanay, the artists have decided to organize an exhibition for their countrymen. They have displayed a couple dozen of their best works at one of the festive venues of the town. The brothers have created about 200 paintings altogether. Creation of each painting involves a lot of work and time: from two weeks to a month.

The brothers intend to share their way of creating paintings from sheep wool with the younger generation. You can learn more about the artists' works in one of the shopping centers of the town and find out their contact details there. You may also follow their instagram account: @arlandesign10.