Across the world The Hyundai company is helping in the fight against coronavirus.

Supporting the global initiative Hyundai Auto Kazakhstan as a part of «Astana Motors” has allocated 51 million tenge for purchasing the medical equipment «multiFiltrate acute dialysis system” (Germany), and has transferred it to the city center of phthisiopulmonology in Nur-Sultan.

Today, more than 150 patients are being treated at the hospital. 5 of them are seriously ill patients in the intensive care unit, including those connected to the artificial lung ventilation apparatus (IVL). Two critically ill patients are required a long-term renal replacement therapy, which will be provided by the devices for acute hemodialysis which were transferred by Hyundai Auto Kazakhstan to the center.

«These are a life-saving devices for patients. Their advantage is the ability to provide hemodiafiltration in a continuous mode. We would like to express our deepest gratitude to Hyundai Auto Kazakhstan for the valuable contribution to the fight against the coronavirus pandemic” said Anna Tsepke, the head doctor of the city infectious diseases center.

In order to assist patients with COVID-19 the decision of purchasing the necessary «multiFiltrate Acute Dialysis System” units was made according to negotiations with the Public Health Department of Nur-Sultan.

«Our doctors need to use just such a high-tech medical equipment in the treatment process due to very serious complications that occur because of the infection, especially, because of impaired kidney function. We thank the management of Hyundai for the great support”, said by Saule Kisikova, the head of the Public Health Department of Nur-Sultan.

«This is about saving lives and health of our fellow citizens, and it is essential for our company that medical facilities get the aid promptly. We hope that the transferred equipment will help doctors in their noble mission” said by Denis Kolomatsky, the Director of Hyundai Auto Kazakhstan LLP.

Kazakhstani infectious disease specialists, pulmonologists, resuscitators, computer, functional diagnostics doctors, in total 90 doctors are fighting for the lives of people in the infectious center located in the capital. On the day when equipment was transferred, the hospital doctors connected patients to the new equipment for acute hemodialysis.