A grand anniversary celebration of Toyota Center Almaty took place last Saturday. The celebration was held in a welcoming atmosphere with a festive cake and champagne. The loyal customers and the fans of the Japanese brand were among the guests whom President of Astana Motors Nurlan Smagulov welcomed. Exactly 25 years ago the history of development of the Toyota brand in Kazakhstan was started when the auto center was opened.

In 1994, Toyota Center Almaty became the first official Toyota dealer in Kazakhstan. At the same time the center received the status of the first authorized service station of the Japanese brand in the country. During this time, people in Kazakhstan got to like the Japanese brand for its reliability, quality, and durability of the cars. Although Toyota cars were a dream for many people in the 1990s, Toyota became a truly national brand after a quarter of a century.

As Nurlan Smagulov noted, many people were skeptical and distrustful of the idea when he decided to open the auto center 25 years ago. But, as before, President of the Group thinks that people need to believe, stay firm, and go all the way for the achievement of success. Thanks to it, it was possible to build the auto center, which met tough requirements of Toyota Motor Corporation and addressed all the requests of the customers. The auto center managed to gain a strong business reputation, trust of the customers, and respect of the business partners.

The most anticipated new models of the largest Japanese automaker have been presented to the general public for the first time at Toyota Center Almaty that unites the fans of the brand. Many customers are loyal to the brand for 20 years, and passion to these cars is passed from generation to generation. The fans of Toyota have got valuable gifts for their loyalty.

The anniversary celebration of the auto center has coincided with the presentation of the most long-awaited premiere of this year, namely the new brutal RAV4 crossover. Back in 2011, Akio Toyoda, CEO of Toyota Motor, said that the company would no longer produce ordinary cars. This statement is confirmed by the brand new five-seater compact RAV4. The automaker has really made global changes: the model has a new interior and design, and the angular silhouette makes its appearance bold and distinctive. The model has all the advantages of the TNGA global modular architecture (Toyota New Global Architecture), which enhances the pleasure from driving. A superior interior with the space for the whole family will allow to drive comfortably around the city or go on a long road trip. The Toyota RAV4 has won the highest score, i.e. 5 stars, in the crash tests of EURONCAP for a high level of safety. More and more people will like the new RAV4 for its look and features.

The main event of the evening has been a draw of the Toyota Corolla among the customers. This car has twice entered the Guinness Book of Records as the best-selling model in the world: about 45 million cars have been sold since 1966. One new Toyota Corolla is sold every 15 seconds in the world. During the random selection, Ainagul Manasheva, who bought the Toyota Corolla a month ago, has become a winner. She has promised to gift Toyota to her sister. It is a proof of the fact that the brand is not only a favorite brand, and it is also a family brand.