«Green» MEGA Park

The administration of the shopping center launched an eco-initiative for separate collection of waste. We are proud of our colleagues and encourage them to follow their example!

«Зеленый» MEGA Park

Boxes for separate garbage collection are installed in the administration of the shopping center. Now employees of MEGA Park are invited to sort and separate paper, plastic, as well as glass and metal. Subsequently, all collected garbage is sent for recycling by Eco Network, it also periodically conducts presentations on how to sort waste correctly and as efficiently as possible. For example, many employees of MEGA Park learned that you can not throw paper napkins, checks and coffee cups in the box for paper thanks to this (you know that in fact they are not made of paper, but covered with plastic film from the inside), and only transparent glass should be collected in the box for glass waste — colored metal is not yet recycled in Kazakhstan, unfortunately,. Garbage must be clean: if you want to throw a disposable plate in the plastic box, there should be no food left on it. All collected paper, for example, is sent to the Almaty «Karina» plant and recycled into napkins and toilet paper.
— Employees of MEGA Park reacted to this initiative very positively. Some has long thought about the separate collection of garbage, but did not know where to start, some did not know anything about it, but got into it, — says the human resource manager of the shopping center MEGA Park Natalia Gabisonia. — Moreover, the idea did well and spread further: some employees now sort waste at their homes too, many people abandoned plastic bags and bought eco-shoppers, reusable tumblers for drinks, they also started collecting batteries in the offices. The main problem is that people do not have much information on this topic, but when it appears, they gladly respond to it.