We aim at meeting the highest standards of business. The mission, vision and values of the Astana Group of companies are the core of our activities, aspirations and social obligations.

Our system of values lies in the heart of our corporate culture, which is the basic system of principles that the company operates in line with. We follow this code of conduct and hope our business partners will share these values as well.

The mission

Our goal is to become the best company in Kazakhstan, providing people with access to the goods and services they need.

The vision

We are building a successful Kazakh company, distinguished by its professionalism, trustworthiness and reliability.

We keep making our business better. In an attempt to become number one in the market, we change to conform to the latest business practices.

Our main competitive edge is that we learn and change faster than our competitors.

This will help us become the leaders in the country. We operate in several spheres and markets. Our leadership in these markets depends on how we implement our competitive advantages, including the most important of these.

We use the latest technology as the vehicle for production growth and corporate development.

Up-to-date technology plays an important part in our business. It is the most efficient way of boosting productivity.

We attract and cherish talent.

We strive to provide our employees and partners with growth opportunities allowing them to become the best and create best products. We are sure that our employees — whatever responsibilities they take — should be talented and creative. By hiring these highly professional people, we open new facets of their talents that are useful for the company and the society as a whole.

We take our values beyond our corporate world.

We are not out to change the world. But we are sure that if each of us takes our corporate values into society, the world will become a better place. It’s a courageous goal, but it is achievable.

The values

  • Trustworthiness
  • Openness
  • Responsibility
  • Ambitious
  • Respect
  • The ability to trust
  • A customer-focused approach