Our aim is to meet the highest standards of conducting business in order to become the best company in Kazakhstan and to provide people with access to quality goods and services.

Our corporate culture is based on our system of values, which consist of a basic system of work principles of our company. We follow this code of conduct and we encourage our business partners to follow these values as well.


To improve the life of the people of Kazakhstan by creating new standards of living in our country. To create a modern business at the same level as those in the most developed countries in the world. To provide goods and services at the highest international level and introduce new public and cultural spaces to our country.


We are building a successful company which will become an example of professionalism, integrity and reliability.

We continue to improve our business; in our pursuit to become the best company in the market, we are changing in accordance with the latest business practices. Our main competitive advantage is our ability to learn and adapt faster than our
It allows us to be leaders in our field. We have many areas of business and each of them has its own market. Our leadership in these markets only depends on us and how successfully we will be able to use our competitive advantages. Our advantages are as
We are using the latest technology as the main method of increasing productivity and developing the company.
Up-to-date technology plays an important role in our business, as it is the most efficient way of boosting our productivity.

We attract and cherish talented people.
We strive to provide our employees and partners with growth opportunities allowing them to reveal their talents and create the best products. We are sure that our employees, whatever responsibilities they take, should be talented and creative.
By hiring such people, we open new facets of their talents that are useful for our company and for society as a whole.

We take our values beyond our corporate world.
We do not set global tasks for changing the world, but we are sure that if each of us takes our corporate values into society, the world will become a better place. It is a courageous goal, but it is quite achievable and is worthy cause for our company.

The values we embody:

  • Integrity
  • Openness
  • Responsibility
  • Ambitiousness
  • Respect
  • Ability to trust
  • A customer-focused approach