Astana Group started a new line of business related to international franchising in Food & Beverage. The project involves cooperation with the leading international brands in the field of fast food restaurants and coffee shops.

On December 10, 2014, as part of the project, Astana Group signed an agreement with South Korea’s Lotteria Corporation to open the chain of the Angel-in-us Coffee shops. It is planned that the first flagship Angel-in-us Coffee shops will be opened in 2015, and by 2018 the chain will include 15 coffee shops in Almaty, Astana, Aktobe and Shymkent. The opening of the Angel-in-us Coffee shop will start from the MEGA shopping and entertainment center and further the chain will be expanded by opening new branches.

Angel-in-us Coffee, the most famous chain of coffee shops in Southeast Asia, is able to gratify the most refined taste with its wide and diverse product range. The brand name «Angel-in-us” is directly related to the meaning that its creators put in coffee. «Coffee is a divine gift that is given to us by angels, they say. In line with the Angel-in-us Coffee standards, Arabica coffee beans are preliminarily air-dried and then lightly roasted according to the Pure Roasting system. It lets preserve a rich aroma as much as possible and gives the coffee a very delicate and fresh flavour without bitterness.

The popularity of the coffee shop segment in Kazakhstan is growing. This promising business and the Kazakhstani market of coffee shops may involve new players. Astana Group is pleased to introduce a diverse assortment of the Angel-in-us Coffee shops to the residents and guests of our city. A variety of different desserts can be ordered with freshly brewed coffee at the Angel-in-us Coffee shop, such as toasts with maple syrup, Belgian waffles, bagels, muffins, sandwiches and other desserts. In addition, the coffee shop chain will offer a wide range of hot appetizers.

Today the chain of the Angel-in-us Coffee shops is one of the largest and fast growing in Southeast Asia. Now there are over 1,100 coffee shops.

Background information:

Astana Group unites companies operating in the most competitive segments of Kazakhstan’s economy: auto-retail (Astana Motors KMC) and commercial real estate market (MEGA Development)

Lotteria Corporation, the multi-brand franchisor, is a division of the Lotte Group Holding.

Lotte Group is the largest company, occupying the fifth place in the South Korean market with an annual turnover of 85 billion US dollars.

Source: forbes. kz