Toward the Success
President Nurlan Smagulov

In 2009, international auditing company Ernst & Young recognizes Astana Group as the best in the nomination of 'Diversified Business'. It confirms the correct choice of strategy, strongly motivates us to implement new projects.

Astana Group will continue to invest capital into our core businesses, where we possess the experience and potential. It does not come easy, but we feel comfortable working in an non-oil & gas and mineral resource sector of economy in highly competitive markets, as we can add high value there and see amplitude for creating efficient markets. We are positive about the future of Kazakhstan.

It is important for us that the success of our company proves the possibility of effective business outside the commodity sectors of the economy. All our activities aim at creation. We hope that our efforts make a meaningful contribution to the economy and make our citizen lives better. We positively look for the future of Kazakhstan.

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